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Linertech is a World leader in the production of bulk container liners for use within intermodal box containers.

Quality assured under ISO9001 and manufactured in clean conditions, from strong and durable polyethylene. Extensive development of both products and manufacture ensures the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Linertech liners are used for a wide range of dry bulk materials such as bulk chemicals , foods and minerals offering considerable cost savings compared to other forms of packaging like sacks, bags, big-bags and super sacs. Linertech's long-term customers include some of the World’s leading polymer and food producers, transporters and operators.

About us

Linertech's philosophy is simply 'to be the best in our business'.

This requires applying know how, gained over 30 years, to serve our customers with what they want, when they want it, at a level of quality that provides an added-value and confidence in their process. The company recognizes that to ensure the success of this philosophy, personal development of our employees within a framework of clear objectives, is essential.Through the excellence of our people, systems and technology we will provide clients with best fit solutions, returning maximum value for our customers.


LinerTech’s New Reduced Bar Liner Redefines Costs For Using Ships Owned Containers
  LinerTech’s new Reduced Bar Liner redefines costs for using ships owned containers. LinerTech, headquartered in the UK, and part of InterBulk Group has developed a single bar liner system which is designed to reduce packaging and...
Reduced Bar Liner
  (RBL) LinerTech has developed a liner and bulkhead system compatible with deepsea bulk containers, offering a real opportunity to reduce packaging and logistics costs. Click to read our PDF Cost
Applications Assessments
    To arrive at a suitable liner design, the following aspects of the application to which the liner will be used, need to be taken into consideration:-
Top Loading
  Top loading containers come with roof hatches to allow filling of the container directly from a product silo whilst being in a horizontal position. Such containers are mainly of the 30ft variety used in domestic internal...
Tilted Loading Screw
Fitting Of 30’ Liners
  Fitting of 30’ liners Fitting of 30’ liners
Fitting Of 20’ Liners
  Fitting of 20’ liners Fitting of 20’ liners
Trials And Training
  Once an analysis of the application, product, appropriate loading and discharge method has been established, it may then be felt necessary to undertake laboratory trials to determine the best final solution. Such...
Intermodal Benefits
    The benefits of intermodal solutions are well documented including cost, environmental, and flexibility. Many organisations, companies and government bodies are increasingly realising the various commercial,...
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