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Linertech have exclusive access to a number of bespoke liners developed for food and sugar applications.
InterBulk Groups, Linertech Division is an industry leader in development and manufacture of container liners for use with intermodal box containers.

Linertech has developed a new conductive liner to mitigate potential for explosions with the carriage of dry food materials such as sugar, flour or starch.
The need for conductive liners arose from the requirement to carry powders that could ignite inside the container and cause a dust explosion.
Ordinary polyethylene film liners are like virtually all polymers, very electrically insulating and prone to generation of high electrostatic charge accumulation and risk of incendiary spark.

Making liners out of a non insulating film ("conductive") and providing an adequate electrical earth mitigates likelihood of electrostatic discharges (ESD) from occurring.
The inherently conducting polymers in addition to providing a permanent and reliable dissipation of electrical charge also possess the following attributes:

  • ideal for contact with sugar
  • translucent and therefore safer to fit into containers and also giving loading and discharge more visual indicators
  • stronger polymeric structure = lighter and less manual handling issues


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Applications Assessments
    To arrive at a suitable liner design, the following aspects of the application to which the liner will be used, need to be taken into consideration:-
Top Loading
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Tilted Loading Screw
Fitting Of 30’ Liners
  Fitting of 30’ liners Fitting of 30’ liners
Fitting Of 20’ Liners
  Fitting of 20’ liners Fitting of 20’ liners
Trials And Training
  Once an analysis of the application, product, appropriate loading and discharge method has been established, it may then be felt necessary to undertake laboratory trials to determine the best final solution. Such...
Intermodal Benefits
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