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Linertech have created a ’Fluidised Liner’. This liner is used for a number of difficult to discharge materials using the ‘bag-in-box’ concept. Mei Lewis explains “Some materials can be difficult to discharge because of their material characteristics. Products can awkwardly agglomerate (clump together) and block. This normally calls for some manual intervention usually involving air vibrators or men with hammers.
The fluidised liner negates the necessity for such actions. It is made from a flexible material that resembles ‘bubble wrap’. The spaces between the bubbles create the plenum and fill up with air in a two dimensional network, providing a channel for the fluidising air to pass through the plenum by the addition of compressed air at low pressure. This fluidising air then passes through a perforated surface into the product material above and reduces the friction between the particles of the material and the floor surface of the liner, leading to the material contents sliding out the discharge sleeve”.
The fluidised liner has been shown to be ideal for ‘sticky’ cohesive materials such as, starch, flour and certain speciality chemicals. The liner is made from food grade film, which meets all current UK, EU and FDA food legislation and is manufactured to ISO 22000, making it ideal for all food powders not suited to traditional liners.
Mei Lewis commented, “We are delighted with the performance of the LinerTech Fluidising Liner and through our partnership with InterBulk have sold in excess of 50,000 units since conception….understandably we were keen to patent the technology Worldwide”.

Development of LinerTech’s solutions is a time consuming process, involving prototyping, thorough testing and a lot of patience. Much of the development work takes place because a customer has a handling problem with a specific material or is new to the concept of the “bag-in-the-box”. This is what differentiates LinerTech from its competitors, as it provides a “solution” rather than a product.


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Applications Assessments
    To arrive at a suitable liner design, the following aspects of the application to which the liner will be used, need to be taken into consideration:-
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Fitting Of 20’ Liners
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Trials And Training
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